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Information from the Health Technician

Mrs. Christyn Tibaldi, the Lake Elementary Health Technician, is in the building daily.  Please contact her with any health changes or conditions that might impact your child’s performance in school. She can be reached at 440-257-5953

Emergency Medical Authorization 

The Board of Education requires an annual update of the Emergency Medical Form on the Parent Portal every year. This permits us to transport a child in case of an emergency and also give permission for your child to go out on a school event. 

General Information:

First Aid:  Direct care is given in the clinic by either the health tech, school nurse or other authorized staff member as designated by the principal. A Registered Nurse is always available by telephone for consultation.

Illness/Injury at School:  Minor illnesses and injuries are treated in the clinic and the student is returned to the classroom. If a student becomes ill at school or sustains an injury requiring outside medical attention, the parent/guardian will be called. Please be sure to have your contact information updated in Infinite Campus at all times throughout the school year.


Mrs. Christyn Tibaldi

Health Technician

[email protected]